Shopping Small for the Holidays: Your first look at the holiday collection + a bonus offer

It may be October 18th, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about the quickly approaching holiday season. As a designer, I’ve been thinking about Christmas for the past two months and while that doesn’t mean I’ve broken out my *NSync Christmas album, it has meant that if anyone is going to be prepared for the holidays this year, it’s gonna be me. That’s why this year, I’m introducing a mini-blog series to help keep you on top of holiday planning, all while shopping small and supporting other small business owners. The series will cover a whole slew of topics ranging from getting thinking about Christmas cards, why it’s OK to start gift shopping before Thanksgiving (don’t gasp, I have a reason), and some of my favorite gifts from other creative business owners to help cover everyone on your nice list. The blog series will also be sprinkled with fun free worksheets and printables to keep you organized, on budget, and stress free throughout the holiday season. And believe me, we all need the holidays to feel a little less stressed.

Ready to get started? Let’s jump in!

Leighwood Paperie: Shopping Small for the Holidays: Your first look at the holiday collection + a bonus offer

Today you’re getting the first look at Leighwood Paperie’s FIRST holiday collection! Throughout this entire year, I’ve been looking forward to designing my very first Christmas collection. I love wrapping presents and I knew that for this first year, I just had to incorporate wrapping paper into the designs. While cards are an essential part of the holiday season, I centralized the collection around producing my first wrapping paper styles. I mean, honestly, who doesn’t like wrapping gifts? There’s something so satisfying about a beautifully wrapped present that just elevates whatever it is you’re giving; from the paper choice, to the finishing touches, it all is so important to me. So for my first holiday collection, I wanted to create everything that you needed to gift a beautiful present.

The Leighwood Paperie holiday collection features two different style choices, depending on your unique taste, but both include all that you need for a stylish, modern, and mostly importantly – fun gift wrap experience. From sending your holiday cards to gifting that final gift, these cohesive looks are a perfect way to keep all of your holiday elements aligned. Both styles include a unique greeting card that features some of my first hand lettering, ready-to-tie gift tags in a fun square style, and high quality wrapping paper sheets featuring beautiful all over patterns.

“Let it Snow” is a beautifully modern and organic design. The hand drawn snowflake print featured throughout the collection is probably my favorite thing about the entire holiday collection. The greeting card set features some of my very first attempts at hand lettering, and I couldn’t be more proud of how it came out. Both the gift tags and wrapping paper sheets highlight the snowflake print and use high quality paper to add a refined touch to your gift wrapping needs.

The second holiday style, “Merry & Bright” is for the traditional Christmas lovers. This collection highlights the bold red of the season. Both the greeting card set and gift tags feature more of my hand lettering, while the wrapping paper sheets have a seriously modern geometric pattern. If you love traditional Christmas, this is the set for you.

Both holiday styles are available for purchase through the Leighwood Paperie shop and can be purchased as a complete set that includes everything you need for wrapping and gift giving: (1) set of 10 greeting cards, (1) set of 10 gift tags, and 3 sheets of wrapping paper. The best part? The price! Holiday bundles are only $30 (for everything!), that means you’re getting the gift tags as an added bonus when purchased together! Or, if you’re just looking for select pieces, all items are so individually. And since I’m so excited about launching my first holiday collection, all holiday items will ship FOR FREE through the Leighwood Paperie shop, or on Etsy, with the code HOLIYAY.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the shop to get a head start on your holiday and stay tuned for next week’s Shopping Small for the Holidays post: Why it’s OK to shop before Thanksgiving. (Psst.. it’ll include a cute free shopping checklist!)

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FINE PRINT: Coupon code works in both the shop and the Leighwood Paperie Etsy Shop for holiday items only. Coupon expires on Saturday, October 29, 2016.