Shopping Small for the Holidays: why it's OK to start shopping early + a free holiday shopping list

Can you guys believe that we’re at the end of October? Like, seriously, where did this month go? I don’t know about where you’re at, but it’s barely felt like fall in St. Louis. It’s only been recently that it’s actually started to FEEL like fall. This is the time of the year where we should be pulling out our cozy sweaters and sipping on hot coffee. It’s also the time of the year where we know the holiday season is knocking on the door and before you know it, there are a hundred and one Christmas parties to attend and even more gifts to wrap. 

That’s why today in the latest installment of Shopping Small for the Holidays, I’m telling you that it’s not too early to get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping and also sharing a super easy way to keep your holiday shopping list organized. (Free printable ahead!)

Leighwood Paperie: Shopping Small for the Holidays: Why it's OK to start shopping early + a free holiday shopping list

Last week you got the first look at my holiday collection to get you in the mood for holiday cards and wrapping paper, but today I’m telling you why shopping small this holiday season should be on your mind this year.

If you’re anything like me, shopping for friends and family is tough. I want to be a good gift giver, so oftentimes I’ll stress over what to get everyone on my list, and since I’ve getting married, the list is even longer. I like to keep my Christmas gifts as local, or as “small” as I can. There are a million and one reasons why I prefer to shop small over the big box stores and here are just a few:

  • Every dollar you spend with a small business goes directly back to that small business. Unlike big corporations, the money spent with a small business goes back into the community. That business owner is supporting their dream of working for themselves and supporting their family. They reinvest in their own local communities and local economies. 
  • Shopping small creates lasting relationships. As a creative business owner, I love making connections with my customers and clients. By shopping at local brick and mortar shops or even small businesses online, you have the opportunity to get to know the maker behind your gifts, making each gift more meaningful. You learn the story and why these business owners decided to pursue their passions. 
  • You’ll have the most unique and thoughtful gifts come the gift exchange. This is probably one of my favorite parts about shopping small. One of the coolest things about buying from a local shop or directly from a maker is that your gift will be unique. Items could be truly one of a kind, or a limited run. These gifts tend to be more thoughtful than a Starbucks gift card and will be something that the person on the receiving end will cherish much longer. 

Shopping small requires a longer timeline, especially if you want to get your loved ones something custom made. So starting to shop in October isn’t all crazy. Keep in mind, unlike big box stores, most small business owners are a one person operation. They don’t punch out after an eight hour shift and someone comes behind them to continue the work. Nope, it’s a labor of love and small business owners have families and work three or four times as hard to balance their business and personal lives. So when you shop small, it’s smart to start early. Not only will you keep your holiday season stress free, you’ll also keep the shop owner from pulling their hair out trying to fill orders.

Leighwood Paperie >> Shopping Small for the Holidays: Why it's OK to start shopping early + a bonus holiday shopping list

And what better way to get organized this holiday season than with a free printable? I created this worksheet to keep my own holiday shopping in line and within budget. I needed something that would make sure I didn't forget any gifts and keep me from totally blowing my budget (it's inevitable). This worksheet will help you plan out who you need to buy for, how much you want to spend (like all those $15 work gifts), and a place to write out your ideas. Print as many that you need for everyone on your list! The worksheet is a handy letter size and prints great on your home printer. Just drop your e-mail below and it's all yours!

Here's to a well planned holiday season! 

Leighwood Paperie >> Shopping Small for the Holidays: Why it's OK to start shopping early + a bonus holiday shopping list

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