Refresh Your Tech for the New Year: Download your free January tech calendar

Cheers to the New Year, y'all! I'm so excited to finally toss out the old calendar and put up a new one. There were a lot of things that happened in the past year, both good and bad, and I'm ready to see what 2017 has in store. 

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been reflecting on 2016 and while we get so bogged down in the bad shit that happened, we really should be remembering all the good things that happened. For me? I got married, started a business, saw friends exchange vows, and made connections with so many people. I went back to school to better myself as a creative. I began to realize my potential.

While I was goal planning for 2017, I mapped out what I wanted my new year to look like and also chose two words that were going to be my mantra for the year. For 2017 my words are practice and gratitude. These aren't words that I selected just as my mantra going forward for my business, but also in my personal life and I've already been putting them into action. 

Leighwood Paperie | Refresh Your Tech for the New Year: Download your free January tech calendar


Practice was a big part of my 2016, starting at mid-year. I made a conscious decision to learn more and to soak up everything that I could. I went back to school so that I would learn principles and theory as to why I do what I do and why, as a designer, I make the choices that I do. I continue to push myself forward as a business owner, because as someone with a creative brain, I know shit about keeping my finances, but I want to learn. As a creative business owner, I want to push myself to the limits so that I can really share with you, my readers, and my clients the best possible designs. And hopefully, one day, I'll be able to teach even more people about design principles and encourage others to tap into their creativity. 


Gratitude is my second word for 2017. I feel like it's all too easy to get caught up in what people's lives and businesses look like on Instagram and—I have to admit—I get jealous of what they have. Sometimes I can't help but to think, "Why haven't I found that?" That kind of thinking can be incredibly daunting and destructive, not only for a business owner, but as a person. When you dwell on the perceived life of other people, you forget to be thankful for the success and things that you already have. It leads to even more discouragement; thinking that you'll never get there. This year I've promised to minimize that way of thinking—because it's not productive thinking—and focus on the opportunities that do come my way and the connections that I have been able to make. It's important to celebrate even the tiniest accomplishments and use those successes—no matter how small they seem—to drive you forward. 

With these two words in mind, I'm looking forward to starting the new year with a clean slate, growing on what I've learned over the past year. Yesterday, when I got to put up a new calendar, things felt refreshing and new. And today I'm sharing with you a new tech calendar for 2017. This January calendar has a fresh, clean grey background and a minimal winter design. With this calendar you can start your year out fresh, too. Open to all the new possibilities and adventures ahead. 


Leighwood Paperie >> Refresh Your Tech for the New Year: Download your free January tech calendar