Pumpkin & Spice Make Everyhing Nice: Celebrate Fall with a Free Printable

Oh my goodness, y'all. It's already the end of September?! Seriously, time is flying by. It seems like just yesterday I was relaunching the website, but no — it was almost two months ago. Clearly you can tell that I'm trying to find my groove when it comes to blogging and balancing my work load. In addition to working on Leighwood Paperie full time, I'm also going to school to finish up my degree in graphic design. There's a lot on my plate, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Not. At. All. I've been learning so many things that are going to make me a better designer and that experience gets passed on to you. 

But not only have been working on school projects, I've also been working with clients on their own custom wedding and brand designs AND getting ready to launch my very first holiday collection. Bananas, right? I started this little business at the beginning of the year and as I'm entering a new season, and almost a new quarter, things are really starting to grow and my hard work is paying off. It's so humbling, seriously. 

Leighwood Paperie: Pumpkin & Spice Make Everything Nice - Free Fall Printable

Today I'm popping on the blog to share with you a brand new freebie in honor of the beginning of fall. I'm so excited for this new season (I'm not the biggest fan of summer. If you live in the Midwest, you'll understand) and everything that comes with it. Chilly nights, wearing pants without sweating to death, scarves, tights, and warm drinks. Fall also has two of my favorite holidays: Thanksgiving and my birthday! Yes, I count my birthday as a holiday and this year it falls on Thanksgiving (and I'm turning 30...eep!) so it's really a double whammy of awesomeness. For whatever reason, fall is also a very social season for me. We find more reasons to hang out with our friends, go on adventures, and growing up – it always meant family outings like apple and pumpkin picking. And not to sound totally basic (but I will), I love fall foods. Like, honestly, give me pumpkin anything. Or sweet potatoes. Pumpkin pie has, and will always be, my favorite pie. 

Fall is a season full of so many of my favorite things and I want to pass that on to you with this printable for your house. It's super easy to download: Just pop your e-mail in and once you confirm your subscription, you'll get your download file! This 8x10 print will print perfectly on an 8.5x11 sheet of letter paper (I recommend switching over to a card stock) and you can trim down to place it in a frame, or hang it on the wall with a seasonal piece of washi tape. Use this print for fall dinner parties or friendly get togethers. It's all yours!

If you love it as much as I loved making it, share it on your Pinterest board, let your friends know where you got it, and spread the love. Enjoy! 

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