Give your desktop a new look: March Calendar Tech Download

If you're around the Midwest, you'll know that the past few weeks this weather has been bananas. Last week it was almost 80. EIGHTY. In February. This winter has not felt like winter at all, and now that March is here, I'm feeling more and more ready for spring. 

February usually feels like the longest month of the year, despite being the shortest, so usually once March 1st hits, I'm more than ready to turn the calendar page. This March I have even more reason to celebrate—Leighwood Paperie is turning one year old! 

Leighwood Paperie | Free March Tech Calendar

Last year I launched this business with not much more than a couple designs and an Etsy shop. It hasn't been easy and despite how some creative business owners make it seem, I'm definitely not diving into a money pool Ducktails style. This whole journey has been incredibly eye opening, humbling, and most importantly, a huge adventure and gamble. I've taken away so many bits of learning throughout the past year and have grown as a woman, a business owner, and as a person. I've learned more about myself in this past year about how I manage time, how I deal with anxiety, and how I treat people. And I wouldn't change it for the world. 

As I enter into year number two as a business owner, I've shifted my focus to primarily custom, client based work. I realized that I love being inspired by other people and their journey, as couples and as business owners. This year will bring on more client-centric work, including a lot more custom stationery clients, and a lot more brand identity clients. This year I'm also going to be focusing more on education and blogging. While I want to help my clients through powerful and beautiful custom visuals, I also want to help you, as readers, on various design topics. So throughout the month of March, and moving forward, look forward to more blog posts with tips on what makes good design, how to hack your Squarespace templates, and advice on planning your wedding and events. 

But for now, enjoy this new wallpaper for your tech devices! This March calendar is super sweet and the fun green palette will get you ready for St. Patrick's Day! Download yours below.