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It's always so exciting to bring a new brand to life. When Caiti approached me about her new business adventure, I was so ready to jump on board. You see, Caiti had been working PR for some of my favorite restaurant owners in St. Louis and was getting ready to branch out from the corporate life to start her own PR and marketing firm, Jasper Paul PR and Marketing. With clients like Niche Food Group, Schlafly Beer, and Mike Randolph, I knew that this woman had a true passion for the St. Louis hospitality scene. 

Together we collaborated to bring her new business to life. The story behind the Jasper Paul business name is heartfelt and reflects her "why" as a business owner. She wanted to pay homage to her two grandfathers—Jasper and Paul—who influenced her passion for food growing up. During our consultation, Caiti recalled memories from her Grandpa Paul's farm of picking tomatoes and the feeling that it gave her. Immediately I had so many ideas on how to bring the visual side of her brand to life.

Below you can see the variations of the Jasper Paul marks as we worked through the design process before coming to the final marks.

The visual identity of the Jasper Paul brand is a subtle mix of Midwestern charm and clean, modern design. By using a tomato leaf as the brand mark, we paid tribute to her upbringing without going too literal, keeping the brand from looking exclusively food oriented. And through pairing a hand drawn script typeface with a slightly rounded sans-serif, the brand identity still has a feminine flair, despite the more masculine name. 

Caiti is currently celebrating the launch of her new website for Jasper Paul PR and Marketing, which she designed herself on Squarespace. Pop on over there to give her a look and to help celebrate her new adventure!  


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