Brand Reveal: Amelia Hearne Photography


I’m so excited to share the behind the scenes of this new brand reveal for Amelia Hearne Photography. If you love romantic florals, organic color palettes, and classic fonts, you’ll love this brand identity as much as I do.

Amelia approached me looking for clarity in her brand design. As a local family photographer specializing in natural light, fine art quality photography, she wanted her brand identity to reflect her vision for her brand, but wasn't sure how to get there. One important element was that she didn’t want her branding to overshadow her work but instead feel like it was one cohesive unit.

To see more of the design process and the final direction that we went with Amelia’s brand, continue reading for more.

Brand Reveal: Amelia Hearne Photography | Designed by Leighwood Paperie

After meeting with Amelia over coffee, we really started to get to the root of her brand. Amelia’s work is beautiful and high-end and she needed a brand that reflected that. She wants to grow with her clients and make them feel at home and comfortable working with her as their families changed and grew. I encouraged her to really dig into what her brand looked like when she closed her eyes and set her loose on Pinterest to compile inspiration for her brand.

Brand Reveal: Amelia Hearne Photography | Mood Board Designed by Leighwood Paperie


When I saw the images that Amelia was putting together that best represented her brand, the common thread was a neutral color palette, vintage floral illustrations, and classic typefaces. With that inspiration I worked on two initial concepts for her design, both leaning into vintage botanical illustrations, but one with more of a “farmhouse” style typeface, while the second used the ever-so-timeless Baskerville.

Brand Reveal: Amelia Hearne Photography | Logos Designed by Leighwood Paperie

From those initial concepts, we created a grouping of logos and a complete brand identity design that didn't overshadow her work, but rather complemented it to it's finest. With the use of classic, elegant typefaces and a neutral color palette, I was able to create a solid foundational wordmark to grow into a beautiful floral primary logo to be used on her website and marketing. From that inspiration, I expanded her logo variations to a more simple, vintage inspired floral illustration for her submarks. Her other alternate logo is a timeless horizontal type option, set in beautiful, clean type and her brand colors.

Brand Reveal: Amelia Hearne Photography | Logos Designed by Leighwood Paperie

After sending Amelia her new logo designs, she ultimately decided that it was time to overhaul her website, and I’m so excited for to see how beautiful it will be and how it truly reflects her brand, ideal client, and her mission. I can’t wait to see where this new chapter of her business takes her!

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