The Leighwood Collection

a selection of semi-customizable invitation suites and day of details

Are you looking for a beautifully unique wedding invitation suite for your special day within your budget? The suites in the Leighwood Collection are budget friendly, semi-customizable invitation suites and day of details that still give you the tailor-made, custom design experience that other online template shops can't provide. 

Each suite in the Leighwood Collection has been designed with your unique engagement and wedding day in mind. Choose from the standard suite design or customize text and envelope colors, add your own unique flair with special wording, or include your engagement photo on your save the date.

Suites start with the same two-piece base: 
• 5x7 invitation with coordinating colored envelope
• 3.5x5 response card with coordinating colored envelope
• Return address printing on invitation and response card envelope

+ Add a details card or save the date to round out your suite

Truly wow your guests from the moment they receive your wedding paper goods in the mail by including envelope liners, guest addressing, postage, menus, and place cards to complete your suite and tailor it to your special event. 

Choose from a suite below to get started customizing your own Leighwood Collection suite!



Tori is a beautifully modern invitation suite featuring a subtle geometric design and loose script type. This suite is perfect for modern, moody weddings. 



Kingston is a timeless and elegant invitation suite featuring boldly set type. This suite is perfect for modern and minimal weddings.



Hayden is a carefree and modern invitation suite. Featuring beautiful watercolor washes and brush calligraphy, This suite is perfect for a modern outdoor wedding.


Ordering Your Leighwood Collection Suite

step one: Choose your favorite suite

Choose from any of the Leighwood Collection suites. While each suite is customizable, choose a suite that best aligns with your wedding style. If you aren't sure about which suite you like the best, or want to get a feel for what your favorite suite looks like, feel free to order a sample suite. All samples will be shipped for free and will arrive as a full suite so that you can see it in it's entirety. Once you've chosen your favorite suite, the hard part is out of the way! 

Step Two: Determine the Number of Pieces In Your Suite and Number of Invitations Needed

Decide how many pieces you'd like to see included in your invitation suite. If you're laid back or having a more casual wedding, a simple two-piece suite may be right for you. If you'd like to inform guests of weekend plans, hotel accommodations, or other information not included on the invitation, you may need the three-piece suite. Round out either the two or three-piece suites with a Save the Date to set the tone of your wedding from the very beginning. Next determine the number of invitations you'll need to order. Take a look at your guest look and figure one invitation suite per family or couple, plus add on a few extras for last minute additions to the guest list and to have as keepsakes. 

Step Three: Add Your Event Details and Customization Options

Once you've chosen to purchase, you'll be directed to a pop-up window where you can include all of your event information. This will also give you the opportunity to request any customizations to your suite: color choices, wording, requested envelope colors, and more. You will also be able to express your interest in any additional add ons to your suite such as guest addressing, envelope liners, and day of details like menus and place cards. Please note that any additional items will be billed separately from your invitation suite. 

Step Four: Make Your Payment to Secure Your Event on My Design Calendar

I ask that 100% of the payment be made at the time of purchase. Any additional add ons will be billed separately and payment will be due at a later date. The purchase of your Leighwood Collection suite secures your date on my design calendar and ensures a great client experience. 

In the event of a cancellation, refund requests will be handled two ways:

  • Prior to work starting on your suite: 50% of your payment will be refunded; 50% of your payment is non-refundable
  • After work has begun on your suite: 25% of your payment will be refunded if files have not been sent to print; 0% of your payment will be refunded after files have been sent to print

If you are not able to make 100% of your payment at the time of purchase, please email me at to make alternate arrangements. In this case, 50% of your total payment will be required as a non-refundable deposit to secure your date on my design calendar.

Step Five: Sit back and check wedding invitations off your to-do list!

Know that by investing in Leighwood Design Studio for your wedding stationery, you're in caring hands. Each client is more than just a client, they're a friend. I aim to make your wedding planning process as stress-free as possible because I know that being engaged is a special season in everyone's lives that should be enjoyed fully. From communication to my digital proofing process, I strive to make this piece of your planning easy, relaxing, and enjoyable. 

The Design Process

Leighwood Collection invitation suites generally take 6–8 weeks from design start date to your suggested date to mail your invitations to complete. This allows for revisions to be made, printing, packaging, and shipping. It also allows two weeks for you to assemble and address your invitation suites to get them ready for the mail. Please consider this timeline prior to ordering your suite.

If a shortened timeline is necessary (ie, less than 4 months til your wedding date), please email me directly at to ask about rush delivery.

Work on your collection will begin between 12 and 16 weeks prior to your wedding date, if no save the date is ordered. You will receive a timeline upon booking your date with specific dates for your unique suite, based on when you'd like to have them in the mail and need responses to the venue. I will customize your suite based on the customizations requested and you will receive your first digital proof in your client portal and inbox.

Each digital proof will include: 

  • A full mockup of your invitation suite with a choice of 2–3 envelope color options
  • Detail mockups of your invitation, response card, and details card (if applicable)
  • Return address styles for your invitation and response envelope (as well as guest addressing style, if included in your collection)
  • Envelope postage styles (if applicable)

You will be able to provide feedback on any changes that are needed to be made, within the scope of your suite, as well as choose an envelope color. During the proofing process you'll be allowed three (3) rounds of changes. If additional changes are necessary after the third round, each additional proof will be billed at $15/each. 

Following final approval on your invitation suite, all files will be readied and sent for print. Once finished, all pieces will be packaged together and shipped for free via USPS Priority Mail two weeks prior to your suggested mailing date. Your suite will arrive unassembled (unless otherwise requested), with one sample assembled suite.

Please note that unless added on to your collection, no postage will be included on your envelopes. Envelope postage is to be provided by you. (Unless of course, you ask me to take care of it for you!)

For suites with day of details included, work will begin on these 6 weeks prior to your wedding date and follow the same proofing guidelines as your invitation suite. Day of details will also ship for free via USPS Priority Mail and will arrive 7–10 days prior to your wedding date. 

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the Leighwood Collection?

The Leighwood Collection is a catalog of semi-customizable wedding invitation suites and day of details. Created with the modern, adventurous couple in mind, each suite is crafted with care to make your invitation suite special and unique. With customizable details such as wording and color choices, you can bring your own unique personalities into your wedding paper goods.

+ How is the Leighwood Collection different from custom invitation design?

The Leighwood Collection is a perfect alternative to couples who care about the quality and detail of their wedding invitation suite, but custom invitation design is not in their budget. Each couple's client experience is personalized and one on one, providing you with the highest quality invitations at an affordable price.

+ What makes the Leighwood Collection different from other online invitation template shops?

Online template shops may have many design options to choose from, but the Leighwood Collection provides a unique client and vendor experience. I love to connect with each one of my couples to bring their personality into their invitation suite. From their unique wedding colors to customized wording, we'll work together to craft a beautiful stationery suite for your special day. Unlike online template shops that are plug-in and go with some lack of attention to detail, by investing in the Leighwood Collection, you're investing in a truly tailor-made client experience.

+ What is included in my invitation suite?

All invitation suites begin with a 5x7 digitally printed invitation, a 3.5x5 digitally printed response card, and coordinating envelopes. Envelope colors will be determined based on the colors you choose for your suite and will include return address printing on both the invitation envelope and your response card envelope. Choose to add on a details enclosure card and a save the date to round out your Leighwood Collection suite.

+ What is not included in my invitation suite?

Guest addressing, envelope liners, postage, belly bands, and silk ribbon is not included with your suite purchase, but can asbolutely be added on. Fine finishing options such as foil stamping and letterpress are also not included in the standard suites, but some suites can accomodate these options. I love to make each suite truly unique, so let me know what you'd like to add on and we'll see what we can do!

+ What am I able to customize in my suite?

Each suite can be color customized to your wedding colors. Wording adjustments can also be changed to the suites to fit how formal or casual your event is. Envelope colors can also be customized to coordinate with your wedding colors and options will be chosen by the designer to ensure that addresses print correctly.

+ What can I not change about my suite?

Fonts are not able to be changed on suites at this time. If you like the style of a suite, but would like to see a different font, please email me at to see if an accomodation can be made. Design elements are also not able to be added at this time. Some design elements can be omitted from suites, but no elements can be included. Envelope addressing styles may also not be changed. Envelope addressing styles are meant to coordinate with the suite and enhance the overall style.

Still have a question? Feel free to email me at