Borderless Stories

Client: Borderless Stories (website still under construction)
Project: Brand Identity Design

About the Project: Karen's new blog (and future podcast) has a very unique—and necessary—message and mission. Borderless Stories aims to help people navigate the sometimes tricky waters of intercultural relationships, ranging from romantic, friendship, and even work colleagues. When I initially spoke to Karen about her business, she told me about how when she—who is in an intercultural relationship herself—was looking for resources to help guide her on immigration, cultural sensitive, and anything else that would make the process easier, it was hard to come by. Borderless Stories aims to close that gap and make the information easier to get and to even help those who are inexperienced in cultural relationships become more knowledgeable. As we spoke about inspiration for her project, she wanted to incorporate a global feeling, whether by using a globe, or some representation. I took her idea and melded it with her husband's background and created a "global" icon based on Turkish tile design, creating a unique logo mark. I paired that logo mark with a cleanly set word mark, as to not create a brand identity that was too busy. We stuck with serene and calming colors of turquoise and gold so that her brand would feel approachable to all readers, no matter gender or background. 

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