Jasper Paul PR & Marketing

Client: Jasper Paul PR & Marketing
Project: Brand Identity Design

About the Project: There's a special place in my heart for Caiti's project. As a fellow local food enthusiast, I was so excited when she reached out to me to help launch her new hospitality PR and marketing business. You see, Caiti used to work for a big PR company and was ready to branch out on her own. She was already working with some of my favorite St. Louis-based restaurants and when she told me her aspirations for the future of hospitality marketing in the St. Louis area, I immediately had visions of how to bring her brand to life. Caiti's mission is all about bringing the heart to hospitality, and draws a lot of influence from her Midwest upbringing on an Illinois farm. Her business name is inspired by both her grandpas and the memories that she had growing up. To her, she wanted to create a brand that was rich, personable, and felt inviting. I drew inspiration from these things and created a rich color palette and used a simple illustration of a tomato leaf as her brand mark, paying homage to her roots.