Ledger Harmony Bookkeeping

Client: Ledger Harmony
Project: Brand Identity Design

About the Project: When Tracy and I initially discussed the vision for her bookkeeping business, she wanted to stand apart from others in her field. While it's so easy to go the traditional route with logo for a bookkeeper, Tracy wanted to step outside the box. She also didn't want to pigeon-hole herself to one set of clients. As a new business, Tracy was still navigating who her ideal client was and wanted to be sure to appeal to not only small creative business owners, but also other small businesses. Together created a brand that felt light, airy, and all-inclusive. We started with the brand colors and built on her vision board that included a lot of earthy and tranquil vibes. By utilizing the inspiration, I was able to create a logo mark that was reflective of the glyph for harmony and balance. Through that mark, I developed her wordmark—a handwritten script paired with a modern sans-serif, helping to create a beautiful, modern logo design. 

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