Wedding Inspiration Shoot — Woven Warmth at Point Labaddie Brewery | Leighwood Design Studio

March 25, 2020

Wedding Inspiration Shoot — Woven Warmth at Point Labaddie Brewery

Early spring means that it’s time to start thinking ahead to summer. Spring brings about those teasingly warm days, glimpses of what summer could bring. And while this spring is just a bit different, that means that my longing for summer is even more intense.

With summer means plenty of summer weddings. And if you’re still planning the details of your big day, I have a treat for you.

It’s no surprise that I love warm, muted tones and earthy neutrals. I find inspiration in the high desert landscapes of Utah and Joshua Tree. One of my favorite vacations that my husband and I took was a two-week road trip through Utah’s National and State Parks, camping on top of his car along the way. There’s something so beautiful about that landscape and as much as I can, I try to utilize it in my designs.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite shots from a late summer inspiration shoot. Complete with muted warm tones, oriental rugs, great boho wedding style, and a craft brewery. If that doesn’t check off every box of the perfect wedding list, I don’t know what does.

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When to start planning your wedding invitations | Leighwood Design Studio

March 23, 2020

When to Start Planning Your Wedding Stationery

Congratulations! You’re engaged. This season of your life is one of the most exciting and special to date and deserves to be celebrated. It also comes with a lot of decisions, details, and a whole multitude of things you never had thought about before.

Planning your dream wedding can be a lot of fun. There are some obvious details that maybe you’ve thought about—a large gathering or an intimate one; your dream location; your wedding party; the season. Ultimately, though, there will be smaller details that you hadn’t considered. How do I want my catering? What color napkins do you like for your table settings? How should I fold those napkins?

And, when should I start planning my wedding invitations?

Other areas of wedding planning are talked about in-depth. How much to budget for each aspect. What’s the best season to get married in. Pros and cons of a wedding planner. But planning for wedding invitations and other wedding stationery can sometimes feel daunting like a mystery.

I’m here to help break down some of the mystery of planning for your wedding invitations and wedding paper goods. From when to start planning, how much to budget, the differences in types of wedding invitation providers, and everything in between.

Keep reading for our first topic: When to Start Planning Your Wedding Stationery.

Real Weddings — Gabrielle and Martin at ANEW | Leighwood Design Studio

March 18, 2020

Real Weddings — Gabrielle & Martin at ANEW

What I love most about working with couples on their wedding invitations and stationery is getting to see how it all comes together. When meeting with clients it’s important to be able to discuss what they envision their wedding style to be. Traditional and classic? Modern and funky? Unique yet timeless? These are all things that we discuss during our meetings.

It’s also important to shine a light on each couple’s unique love story throughout their wedding planning. Whether it be from incorporating unique details into their wedding invitation and stationery design, choosing florals that have personal meaning, or even getting married at a venue that holds significance. All of these little touches help to make each wedding unique, thoughtful, and 100% a reflection of a couple’s love.

This was especially true when I met with Gabrielle to discuss her and Martin’s special day. They got engaged during the total eclipse in 2017 and that little special detail carried through all of their wedding paper goods. From their celestial-themed circular save the dates to the special star maps that they put together as place settings for their guests. One small detail that was so personal to them was the anchor for many decisions made during the day.

Continue on to see all of the special moments captured throughout their wedding day.

How to handle unexpected postponements; free postponement notice for your guests

March 17, 2020

How to handle unexpected wedding postponements during COVID-19

Planning your wedding is supposed to be the things that dreams are made of. Choosing that magical venue, finding that perfect dress, surrounding yourself by family and friends. And most importantly, being able to celebrate your love, your unique story with your best friend and soulmate.

What you don’t plan for is the possibility of postponement, scaled back guest lists, or cancellations due to a global pandemic.

The current situation with the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has caused a complete disruption to our normal every day lives. Businesses are encouraging employees to work from home or completely shut down, grocery stores look as though they’ve been looted, and people are hoarding toilet paper.

Most devastatingly, city and state governments are restricting non-essential gatherings for weeks on end. All this to help slow the spread of a new, unknown disease. It’s a necessary thing to do to help protect those most vulnerable until the medical professionals can get a handle on what this truly is.

That may mean that, as a couple, you’re facing a difficult decision with your wedding. If your special date falls within these timeframes, this week has been one of scrambling and deciding what to do next.

Postpone? Scale back? Cancel?

I’m here sharing a few tips to help you through this uncharted territory. Because if there’s one thing I can tell you, the wedding community is here to help you through this transition as much as we possibly can to help you from outright canceling your special day.

April 11, 2018

Free Download: Pop the question to your friends with these wedding party ask cards

What better way to celebrate #WeddingWednesday than with a beautiful and fun way to ask your closest friends to share in celebrating your special day with you?

Now that the high of getting proposed to has worn off a little bit (just kidding, it probably hasn’t!) it’s time to who it is that’s going to stand next to you as you get married. For some, that decision has been made way before the proposal even happened, but for others, it’s about nailing down the number that feels right. 

For some, it only makes sense to have eight or nine accompanying you down the aisle, especially if you have a large family with a lot of siblings, or your guest count is high. While for other, more intimate gatherings, having just your best friend by your side is all that you need. 

No matter what your style is, it’s always fun to drum up creative ways to pop the question to your friends. After all, while being part of your special day is an honor, it’s also a time and monetary investment for them, so why not share a little gift to show them how much they mean to you? 

Keep reading to download your free set of wedding party ask cards and some ideas on how you can make this proposal just as special as yours.

March 28, 2018

Behind the Scenes: Chic and Contemporary Styled Shoot at Slate in Downtown St. Louis

It’s #WeddingWednesday and I’m so excited to share these amazing photos that I just got back from my good friend and wedding photographer, Bri Whitman of Bri Whitman Photography

In February, she asked me to create an invitation suite to be included in this inspiration shoot happening at one of St. Louis’ newest event spaces, Slate. Slate is located in Downtown St. Louis and is owned by the Bailey family. If you’re from the area and know anything about the local St. Louis restaurant scene, you’ll know that the Bailey group owns some of the best and most popular food destinations in the city; ranging from Bailey’s Range—a burger and milkshake bar downtown to Small Batch—a restaurant that specializes in whiskeys and vegetarian fare, and a couple brunch spots in between. Recently they branched out into special event venues and own both Willow and their sister space Slate, both located on Locust in the heart of Downtown St. Louis.

Continue reading to see more of the shoot and to see all the amazing and talented vendors involved.