When to start planning your wedding invitations | Leighwood Design Studio

March 23, 2020

When to Start Planning Your Wedding Stationery

Congratulations! You’re engaged. This season of your life is one of the most exciting and special to date and deserves to be celebrated. It also comes with a lot of decisions, details, and a whole multitude of things you never had thought about before.

Planning your dream wedding can be a lot of fun. There are some obvious details that maybe you’ve thought about—a large gathering or an intimate one; your dream location; your wedding party; the season. Ultimately, though, there will be smaller details that you hadn’t considered. How do I want my catering? What color napkins do you like for your table settings? How should I fold those napkins?

And, when should I start planning my wedding invitations?

Other areas of wedding planning are talked about in-depth. How much to budget for each aspect. What’s the best season to get married in. Pros and cons of a wedding planner. But planning for wedding invitations and other wedding stationery can sometimes feel daunting like a mystery.

I’m here to help break down some of the mystery of planning for your wedding invitations and wedding paper goods. From when to start planning, how much to budget, the differences in types of wedding invitation providers, and everything in between.

Keep reading for our first topic: When to Start Planning Your Wedding Stationery.