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Inspiration can be found anywhere—traveling, photography, museums, books, and your everyday life. As a creative, it's important to us to constantly be curating and finding inspiration to keep our creative edge. For all of our custom stationery clients, we put together mood boards based on the details they share and what we hear about their style during our initial meetings. It helps us to capture the mood and really set the stage for their design project.

Each month we share a curated collection of images that hopefully inspire you. We'll also be sharing color inspiration based on those images and the meaning behind the colors, maybe infusing a little psychology too.

Inspiration Board | Photos of San Francisco TWA poster, Maximalist Interior, William Morris Wallpaper, Zebra in a Forest, Butterflies


August. Inspiring reverence or admiration.

As we bid farewell to the scorching summer days, August brings a regal touch to our lives and also inspires a fresh start (back to school, anyone?).

August, the eighth month of the year, derives its name from the Latin word "Augustus," meaning "great" or "venerable." 

It represents the culmination of summer, where nature showcases its vibrant colors and patterns. The warm days and cool nights create the perfect ambiance for outdoor adventures and relaxation.

Our mood board for August is a visual feast, filled with patterns, vibrance, and eclectic elements. Let's explore the captivating images that will inspire you during the last days of summer:

Visual Inspiration

Vibrant Floral Delight

From sunflowers to dahlias, the floral landscape is a sight to behold. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature by creating a floral arrangement that reflects the vibrance of this regal month.

Eclectic Spaces

Embrace the eclectic charm of maximalist spaces. Mix and match patterns, textures, and colors to create a unique and inviting atmosphere. Whether it's a cozy patio or a lush garden, let your creativity shine through.

Pattern Play

From bold geometric designs to intricate motifs, patterns add depth and character to any space. Incorporate patterned elements into your home decor or fashion choices to channel the regal spirit of August.

Sunset Serenity

The mesmerizing sunsets of August paint the sky with a palette of warm hues. Capture the serenity of these breathtaking moments by spending time outdoors, enjoying the tranquil beauty of nature. Let the colors of the sunset inspire your own creative endeavors.

August Mood Board | Color Palette featuring rich Racing Green, a bright Candy Pink, deep Cobalt Blue, and Sunflower

Color Psychology

Racing Green

A deep, rich green color, which is both relaxing and exciting. Racing Green is a deep, moody color that evokes richness and lushness. In color psychology, green is thought to having both a calming and optimistic effect. It reminds people of nature. Deep greens are also associated with "drive" and "ambition," which makes it a perfect color for August.  

Candy Pink

Soft, yet fun. Pink is naturally a feminine color. In color psychology, pink can mean kindness and nurturing, which makes this shade so inviting. It's not a bright pink, which can turn some people off. It balances out the more masculine shades of green and blue, providing harmony. 

Cobalt Blue

Stable and reliable. The color blue is a foundational color (after all, it is one of the three Primary Colors) and provides a sense of trust. In color psychology, the color blue is thought to have a sense of calmness, reliability, and a color that encourages productivity. Cobalt is a deep shade, with warm green undertones. Blue is the perfect color for the month of August, as it's a month that gives us a renewed sense of beginning. 


A perfect warm shade for the waning days of Summer. Cheery, inviting, but with a hint of the Fall days ahead. In color psychology, shades of yellow can oftentimes make people feel on edge, especially if the shades are too bright, but when you find those lush, warm shades, yellow becomes an energizing and welcoming color.

August, with its regal charm and vibrant energy, offers a unique blend of inspiration. Embrace the patterns, vibrance, and eclectic elements that define this majestic month. Let August be a catalyst for your own creative journey as you bid farewell to summer and welcome the approaching autumn.

Semi-Custom Invitation Suite Pick


Pennelope is the perfect suite to coincide with our mood board for August. Pennelope is a bold, playful suite that can hit so many notes. It can be feminine and soft, or bold and eclectic. We love all the unique ways and color combinations that our couples have been able to create with this suite. It plays well with interesting patterns, including both impressionist and Art Nouveau styles. 

Pennelope Invitation Suite
Pennelope Invitation Suite | Detail

Browse our Pennelope suite to see more.