May Mood Board & Color Inspiration

Inspiration can be found anywhere—traveling, photography, museums, books, and your everyday life. As a creative, it's important to us to constantly be curating and finding inspiration to keep our creative edge. For all of our custom stationery clients, we put together mood boards based on the details they share and what we hear about their style during our initial meetings. It helps us to capture the mood and really set the stage for their design project.

Each month we share a curated collection of images that hopefully inspire you. We'll also be sharing color inspiration based on those images and the meaning behind the colors, maybe infusing a little psychology too.


The goddess of growth. A month full of energy, blooms, citrus, and warmth.


May is the last month of Spring where we are officially anticipating those longer days, warm sunshine, all the color, and heading to the sea with family and friends. Since the ancient times, May has been celebrated as the coming of Summer and we can not be more excited!


For May’s mood board, we curated images that have fully introduced us to those warmer days, full blooms, and sunshine. Dreaming of days sitting by the sea, soaking up sun, and refreshing ourselves with a hydrating lemonade.  These images feel full of life and fun - the perfect wrap up to our Spring season. As we experience these longer, warm days, don’t you find yourself yearning to have lunch seaside while soaking up the sun? These curated images capture both of those desires—a fun destination and an afternoon outside hearing the waves crash against the shore. 


This collection of images makes us feel energized and warm. As we begin to pack away the boots and jackets and get out the sandals, it’s exciting to know those dark winter days are officially behind us and we get to look forward to some fun in the sun. We hope that these images give you a feeling of warmth, energy, and for the excitement of what the future holds.

Nautical Blue:

A dark rich blue or navy blue that makes for a dramatic contrast with white. It is the most classy and timeless nautical color scheme and look. Dark deep blue like the wide open sea and crisp white like the white yachts gliding over the waters with wind filled white sails.

Kelly Green:

Intense yet lush. As a true middle green, Kelly Green is a color of renewal, nature, and energy, associated with growth and the environment. The punch of the green is reminiscent of the lush Ireland landscape having us fully captivated with the outdoors.


A dreamy hue of Summer. This luscious shade of sorbet energizes us with feelings of passion, love and power. It perfectly grounds the shades of blues, greens, and yellows that late Spring give as we transition into Summer. Sweet and friendly, Sorbet has us anticipating time spent with friends and family.


Like a bite of luscious pineapple, this radiant yellow has a sweet, stimulating quality. As we wrap up the good-natured days of spring, we can find more fluorescent tones and creamy hues in all the yellows. Limon is a reliable shade of yellow—not too harsh, but the perfect amount of warmth. Limon is that feeling of being sunkissed.