Transition — April Mood Board + Color Inspiration

Inspiration can be found anywhere—traveling, photography, museums, books, and your everyday life. As a creative, it's important to us to constantly be curating and finding inspiration to keep our creative edge. For all of our custom stationery clients, we put together mood boards based on the details they share and what we hear about their style during our initial meetings. It helps us to capture the mood and really set the stage for their design project.
Each month we share a curated collection of images that hopefully inspire you. We'll also be sharing color inspiration based on those images and the meaning behind the colors, maybe infusing a little psychology too. 
Transition in Blue and Yellow | April Mood Board from Leighwood Design Studio


Talk about a month that can't make up its mind. 

Spring officially starts in March and April begins to move out of that wintery slump—some days are beautiful and full of sunshine and others are grey and gloomy. 

For April’s mood board, we curated images that have a gentle balance between the bright energy of summer and the dark days of winter. These images feel full of life and ready for the days ahead. Spring is a time to make plans for the months ahead—we feel inspired by the longer days, the blue skies, and the afternoon warmth on our face. As we awaken into spring, don’t you find yourself itching to travel and to get outside? These curated images capture both of those desires—a relaxing destination and an afternoon outside in the lush green grass. 

While this collection of images does invite optimism, we also want it to feel calming. As we’re waking up from our winter’s sleepiness, it’s easy to feel like your energy has to be buzzing at a mile a minute, but it’s okay to take your time—to slowly wake up and enjoy each day as it happens. We hope that these images give you a feeling of hope, of renewed joy, and for the excitement of what the future holds.

Blue and Yellow Wedding Color Inspiration from Leighwood Design Studio

A rich and hopeful color. Shades of blue feel trustworthy and calm. While Cerulean is bold, it’s not overpowering. It makes you feel calm. This deep shade of blue is reminiscent of the Mediterranean, handmade mosaic tiles, and hope.

Playful yet serene. Ocean is a color that embodies the fluid nature of the ocean. When you think of water, you think blue, but due to it’s movement, it’s never just one shade. This color is the perfect balance between light and dark, calm and powerful—just like the ocean. 

This color is full of life and new possibilities. This luscious shade of yellow captures perfectly how you feel on a warm spring day—like anything is possible. With the sun on your face and the ground coming alive, this color brings an optimistic energy to the transitional days of spring. 

A grounding force. As we move through the tumultuous days of spring, we can always find grounding in neutral shades. Linen is a reliable shade of tan—not too dark to pull us back into winter, but not too light like the bright whites of summer. Linen is that reassuring hug we need when days feel overwhelming.